Winter Jumper Derby at Augusta Expo


January 19, 2019 - Rescheduling to January 26th**


Everything will stay the same, everyone who entered and pre paid online, your entry will just roll over to January 26th AND as a thank you for pre entering you will also receive a free xc schooling at Expo that you can use anytime! If you can not attend on January 26th, we will gladly move your entry to another EIV show or send you a refund. Just let us know!


Excellent prizes! New Sponsors!


What’s New? FOOTING! The arena has been upgraded. Jumper Derby will take place in the field so we can incorporate banks and ditches where appropriate, weather permitting. If it is not great we will move into the newly updated arena and we will still have ditches!


A Jumper Derby combines stadium jumps and cross country jumps that might typically be encountered at an event or horse trial. This is a good test of your horse’s willingness to jump a mix of fences or varied terrain. This competition is open to any eventer, hunter or jumper who wants to practice for the upcoming season or wants to add a little variety and fun to their jumping. Anyone who wants to have fun in a low key casual atmosphere is welcome!!!


All Divisions will consist of 3 rounds:


Round 1: Optimum time round. Set course, the rider with the least amount of penalties and closest to optimum time wins. (time will not be disclosed prior to the round until all riders  have gone).


Round 2: Speed round with Jump off. Set course, if clear rider can stay for jump off round after bell or whistle. Least penalties and fastest time wins.


Round 3: Gambler’s Choice round. All obstacles will have a set value, each rider will be given a set amount of time to jump as many of these obstacles clear as possible, the rider with the most points at the end of the division wins.


Entry Fees:


  • Entries close Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

  • Entries available online or mail them to Eventing In Virginia, PO Box 13, Greenville, VA 24440.  PayPal available.  Make checks payable to EIV Expo


Divisions: if enough entries will divide into Senior/Junior


Tadpole – Rails on the ground up to 6 – 8 inches tall

Green – Fences up to 18” tall

Advanced Green –2’0 - 2’3 verticals

Beginner Novice – 2’4 -2’7 verticals & oxers

Novice – 2’8 – 2”11 verticals & oxers – may have fake Liverpool and skinny

Training – 3’0- 3’3 verticals, oxers – may have Liverpool, corner and skinny

Preliminary – 3’4 – 3’7- verticals, oxers may have Liverpool, corners & skinnies, bounces

Intermediate/Advanced - 3’7-4’3 verticals, oxers, Liverpool, corners & skinnies, bounces.


General Rules and Regulations:

  • Generally run according to USEA rules where applicable.  The organizer further reserves the right to combine or split classes within the division if entries warrant. No classes will be run out of order. 


  • Entries available online or mail them to Eventing In Virginia, PO Box 13, Greenville, VA 24440.  PayPal available.  Make checks payable to EIV.

  • No unauthorized assistance will be allowed. Riders must perform their courses from memory

  • Horses may be competed in up to 2 consecutive divisions

  • Attire: Informal but neat and tidy. SEI/ASTM Helmets are required. Medical armbands strongly recommended. 

  • Tack & equipment: only running martingales are permitted.

  • Courses will be open for walking the night before the event, the morning of prior to 8am and just prior to each division. Arena will be open for flat schooling only the day before and prior to 8am the morning of. Competition will begin no earlier than 8am.

  • Ribbons 1st – 6th for each class and Champion and reserve champion for each division.  All points accumulated will go towards Eventing In Virginia 2016 year end awards.

  • Event will fill in a first come first serve basis

  • Please include current coggins with the registration form

  • $5 off total discount for Area 2 Adult Riders members and Pony Club member, must have proof

  • Address Augusta Expo,277 Expo Road, Fishersville, VA

  • Stabling: Please contact show secretary about stabling. (

  • For more information, please email Gammon Castellvi (

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EMT Braided Horsehair Creations will be donating prizes to the winners of all January Jumper Derby divistions!