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Salsa dance lessons to learn to ride better?!? WHAT!!!!??? REALLY????


Now that winter is approaching and everyone is trying to figure out how to stay fit and improve their riding, here is a unique and fun opportunity!


Yes there is a back story...


First, for those that don't know... I grew up in Venezuela where social dancing at night clubs was Salsa and Merengue. I also grew up riding horses and have always felt that riding was almost exactly like dancing with a partner.... it is all about timing, rhythm, communication, connection, feel... sound familiar???


I have spent the last year working with some amazing dancers focusing on a dance curriculum appropriate for the average adult rider that emphasizes the most important parts... relaxation, rythm, use of independent body parts and promotes the elusive " elastic connection".


So... who wants to stay fit, work on the most important riding basics and have fun? Besides... who doesn't want to learn how to Salsa!!!??

Available Programs






Local peeps:

Charlottesville, Staunton, Rockbridge County:


Weekly 6 week salsa program for beginners with the opportunity to continue in 6 week sessions


Starting Wednesday November 15 we will start our first Local 6 week program.


LOCATION : Good Shepherd Church on Rt. 11 in Staunton. Just past the car dealerships.


TIME: 5:30 TO 7PM


Dates will be:

Nov 15,

Nov 29

Dec 6

Dec 13

Dec 20

Dec 27

Saturday January 6 Mounted session. Location TBD


All sessions weather permitting. If we need to cancel we will simply add sessions to the end.


PRICE $25/ lesson or $120 for all 6 sessions including one mounted session at the end.


If you don't have a horse... come ride one of mine!


Wear comfortable shoes, bring a water bottle. No partner required.

To register simply click here or send me an email with your name, phone number and email and the registration fee can be sent via Venmo to @Gammon-Castellvi or come with cash or check.

No human partners required!

Email or text for more info or any questions! or




Great Addition to adult camps or clinics, fun intro to Salsa can be done in a couple of hours. 

2 day clinics are also available and now booking for 2024!

This is an immersive 2 day clinic that culminates in a half day riding session on the second day!


Contact me of you would like to organize one at your barn or area!


Very reasonable introductory rates for the entire program!

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