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Maury River Hunter Pace!

Yes, we are bringing the wonderful hunter pace Penny & Brian Ross started back to the Virginia Horse Center!


Beautiful fun marked course and delicious homemade lunch!

Riders go out starting 9 am - 12pm on 5 to 7-mile marked trail (Final distance TBD)
through rolling terrain -- a mix of open fields and woods with some small creek crossings, stunning views, ride along the Maury River and 15+ optional jumps all 12 inches to 2’9. Jumps will be XC/hunter type fences. ALL jumps are optional.


All Riding Disciplines welcome! 

The teams that are closest to the optimum time will win ribbons through the top six places.
Ribbons awarded to two riders (three can ride, but only two ribbons).


Full Cry/first flight (mix of walk/trot/canter, jumping)
Second Flight (slower pace, jumps optional)
Hilltoppers (slowest pace, jumps optional)
Juniors: One rider on the team must be under 18
Non-compete, just for fun!


PRE-ENTRY preferred (know how much food to prepare!) but not required; entry available on-site as well. Pre-enter by Friday 6/28 at 5pm or enter at the event.

Entry fees: $40 Adult rider, $25 Junior rider plus $25 VHC grounds fee/horse

Parking will be on top of the hill by the flagpoles. Turn right as you enter the horse center. 

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